After Sinus Lift

Your sinus lift augmentation was an operation on your upper jaw. It is most commonly done in anticipation of dental implants. The bone graft consists of your own bone, freeze-dried bone, artificial synthetic bone or a combination.


• DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE FOR THE NEXT FOUR (4) WEEKS. This may be longer if indicated. You may sniff but NO NOSE BLOWING.
• Sneeze with your mouth open. Do not hold your nose while sneezing.
• Do not spit. Do not drink through a straw.
• Avoid scuba diving. Avoid flying in pressurized aircraft
• No smoking for a minimum of two weeks. Smoking dramatically increases the risk of bone graft and sinus augmentation failure.
• No blowing (bubbles, balloons, musical instruments, etc.)
• Do not lift heavy objects
• Do not wear any mouth guard device, prosthesis, dentures, etc. until you have been given the go-ahead by our office or your dentist.


• Take antibiotics as prescribed. Without them, an infection may set in.
• Utilize Drixoral, Dimetapp or Sudafed to reduce sinus pressure.
• Be aware that, due to a bone graft, you may have two post surgical wounds.
• Follow the prescribed oral hygiene regimen.


• Do not rinse or spit after surgery. This can cause bleeding and delay healing.
• Repeat salt water rinse four to five times a day for five days after surgery. Make sure to do this procedure after eating. Use one-half teaspoon of salt dissolved in an eight-ounce glass of warm water. Gently rinse, taking five minutes to completely drain the glass.
• Do not brush for 48 hours. Avoid surgical site. Be gentle when brushing/spitting.
• If prescribed, use antibiotic rinse in the morning and at bedtime, but no more than twice a day due to the chances of staining.


Please call the office to report any of the following:
• An unexpected flow of air or liquids between your mouth and nose
• Nasal discharge with small particles of graft materials
• Sinus or nasal congestion on the side of your surgery
• Increased mouth, cheek or under-eye swelling after four days

If you have concerns, call us during office hours. After hours, post-operative patients should call 314-921-1129 and leave a message with our 24-hour answering service.